World Freight Direct.Com is a dedicated Global Online Expo Featuring Logistics & Supply Chain Networks.

Logistics is a diverse term which covers all aspects of the Global Freight & Transport Industries. Supply Chains are normally a network of systems & processes between companies and its suppliers to produce and distribute a finished product or service, and to deliver it to a buyer.

Worldfreightdirect.com is designed to be a Global search platform not only connecting business to business but to be a useful information and article website. Simple to navigate click on to the icon of need, select a sub category & use the dropdown to find a country of origin or destination. Visit a company profile or website and contact with them directly. Best of all the site is free to use and there are no commissions taken.

Note: Worldfreightdirect.com is a crucial part of the World’s first & only dedicated interactive platforms Hospitalitychain.com, Leisurechain.com and Globalwastecontrol.com. Hospitality, Leisure-Tourism & Waste Control are without doubt some of the largest industries on the planet. Hospitality is such a broad industry and encompasses Leisure, Logistics and Waste Management for its survival and daily requirements in so many ways. In the fast pace of the World today these industries can rely heavily on each other for their very existence, income and servicing to their customer. To visit another industry search platform simply click the icon at the footer of each page. The benefit for each industry is the exposure of tens of thousands of potential customers that are listed on our various interconnected platforms. Premier listings are cheap, effective and showcased 24/7/365 days. Remember if your business is not online you are not in-line with today’s business

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