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Worldfreightdirect.Com was developed by its current owners and founders to assist and simplify the search for all aspects of the vast Global industries of Freight and Logistics. Worldfreightdirect.com is a crucial part of the first and only interactive search platforms supporting the vast industry of Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism. These industries have relied heavily on each other over many centuries for the daily requirements of food, clothing and related goods and services. Importing and exporting of food, beverages, hospitality clothing, equipment and medical supplies are vital necessities for all countries and remote communities. These combined industries have many crossover business synergies which rely on each other to form a great working relationship. Hospitality relies on Specialised Freight Companies to deliver daily orders to cafes, restaurants, large scale supermarkets, hotels, resorts and hospitals.


To build the World’s first interactive search platforms to connect business to business in the broad industries of Hospitality, Leisure, Tourism, Specialised Freight and Logistics. These industries interact and rely on each other daily for their operational and business success. Hospitalitycharities.com is also a major part of our interactive platforms and was formed to bring awareness to Global poverty, food and water wastage, and to those in need of well-being and emotional support. The site is dedicated to featuring Foodbanks, Soup kitchens, Homeless Shelters, Community Support groups and Mental Health and Wellbeing organisations.

We believe we have successfully built these platforms for the world to directly connect with one and other in business, or one off requirements to move items from one place to the next.

The websites are free and simple to use. Simply browse from one site to the next by clicking onto the industry icon at the footer of each page.

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